November 8th, 2014 · php zend framework 2 apigility oauth2 zfcuser

Using ZfcUser with Apigility, Part 1

As part of my ongoing quest to build out a REST and RPC API using Apigility, I've been working on integrating ZfcUser into an Apigility application. The first fruit of this labour — LdcZfcUserOAuth2 — is now available on my GitHub.

What is it?

LdcZfcUserOAuth2 is a module which integrates ZfcUser into the OAuth2 authentication process (zf-oauth2 module). This is accomplished by creating a custom storage adapter for oauth2-server-php which delegates the account lookup and authentication to ZfcUser. A custom authentication adapter is also injected into ZfcUser's authentication chain to override the hard-coded references to Zend\Session.

This module should also work with ZfcUserDoctrineORM and ZfcUserDoctrineMongoODM I, though haven't yet tested that myself.

How do I get it?

GitHub: LdcZfcUserOAuth2
Packagist: adamlundrigan/ldc-zfc-user-oauth2